How to get your Dumps BIN-list


May 25, 2018
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So youve gone instore carding a couple times and you buy batches of cards that you know are valid however you still get declines, why is this? Well declines can happen for multiple reasons several being that you went to high for the card to handle the transaction, coding error, the actual cardholder used their card 1 hour and then the next you try half way across the country, or Region block, which is what we are trying to focus on eliminating with our binlist

What is a binlist? Why do I need one?

To answer this question we first must know what a BIN or IIN is, both of these are acronyms for Bank Identification number or Issuer Identification number. The BIN or IIN Is the first 6 digits on a credit card that determines the bank and level of the card, a BIN List is a list of BINs that you know will slide for your region, having a BIN list is the difference between guessing for approve and hoping to eliminating the guess and knowing it will work

So now that we know what a BIN and BIN list is how do we get one?

Alright so here is the tricky part, it takes money to make money so the first round of dumps you invest on should be a learning experience, I would suggest buying a mixpack of all different BINs and testing out one by one which ones work in your area, now I know what you are thinking How can I test these cards since I dont know my bins and its a guessing game whether its a decline or not, even worse what happens if it shows Hold call or Stolen??!!, Dont worry!,

What to do in order to test your card I would suggest:
  1. Going to ANY self slide checkout, some areas have more than others
  2. Go to one of those movie ticket vending machines where you can pay with CC,
  3. Coca Cola or vending machines that take CC
  4. and ive heard about these worldwide parking meters, apparently some have something where you can slide and pay
as your rolling through 1 by 1 in your list of dumps anyone that approves make sure to write that bin down, if you have any declined cards check with your vendor and if it is approve it is most likely a region blocked card,

Any card that approves you know is a BIN that works for you,

Now i know it seems like somewhat of a waste of money if you dont profit but after your going through your dumps if you have a dump that approved and you have duplicates of that BIN you can go try for a bigger purchase since you know that its a working BIN, the true reward from the first batch is getting that BIN-list since it is the CRUCIAL FACTOR!!! In determining your long term success, and you walking out of the store safe and sound with your item. After you have a good list, the bigger the list the better,
you can ask your vendor for a batch of BINs making your next round of dumps a Sound Investment guaranteeing your success since you are more aware this time around

After you get your binlist dont get to comfortable with the list, always be adding since overuse of 1 BIN in a region will cause that BIN to block,

Hope this information can be helpful to someone out there
Good luck Carders!! and as always
Stay Safe