+5$ a Day [AutoPilot]

Kylo Ren

Specialist Carder
May 23, 2018
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+5$ a Day [AutoPilot] - Enjoy this VIP Method :cool:
1. Register here and here
2. Shorten the URLs to some random website (for example : google.com)
3. On HitLeap go to My Websites -> +ADD NEW WEBSITE
4. Download Hitleap Viewer Windows | Linux Ubuntu 64-bit
5. Install Hitleap Viewer on your VPS, if you don't have one, you can get 2x VPS free from ArubaCloud (English) and ForpsiCloud (Czech) (Yes, they are the same company, but they DO send the voucher 2x if you are on the other site (I recommend you to Google Translate Forpsi))
6. Once you reach 1st payment from LinkShrink, I recommend you to buy more VPS and HitLeap Premium, because you have 5 viewer slots, 100% exchange ratio and 5000 FREE MINUTES EVERY MONTH
7. You could scale this up easily, and earn big $$$ from this method!
1. Register on more URL shrinking sites that pay
2. Get referrals on HitLeap and LinkShrink